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85 Happy Cinco de Mayo Quotes for Kids

Are you looking for happy Cinco de Mayo quotes for kids to celebrate May 5th?

Then check out our full list of 85 Happy Cinco de Mayo Wishes for Family and Friends including matching activities and free printable Cinco de Mayo lunch notes.

Let’s dive right in!

cinco de mayo quotes for kids

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Cinco de Mayo Facts for Kids

What is Cinco de Mayo?

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish: Fifth of May) is celebrated on May 5th. It is also called the “Anniversary of the Battle of Puebla”.

This holiday is celebrated in parts of Mexico and the United States of America to honor the military victory over the French forces of Napoleon III in 1862.

Do you like to find out more about Cinco de Mayo? You can find these and more facts about this Mexican holiday here.

6 Fun Cinco De Mayo Activities for Kids

There are many ways of celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Decorating your house, listening to Latino music, and cooking traditional Mexican food is a good beginning.

But how can you celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your children and make it special for them? Here are 6 Cinco De Mayo Activities for your kids:

  1. Teach your children about the History of Cinco de Mayo
  2. Visit a Parade or Fiesta
  3. Get a Piñatas
  4. Make Sombrero Cookies
  5. Play Mexican Games such as the Mexican Hat Game
  6. Make Cinco de Mayo Crafts for Kids

It is always important to teach your children about your own and other cultures. Use this day to celebrate and talk about the meaning of this historical holiday.

Here is a great book that can bring the history of Cinco de Mayo to your children:

Celebramos Cinco de Mayo: A Bilingual Book for Kids in English and Spanish.

You do not have to spend Cinco de Mayo at home. Have a look if there is a parade around or take your children to a fiesta. They are so much fun.

If there is no celebration around in your area, do not worry.

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo at home can be special too.

Craft and decorate your home for a nice day of music, games, piñatas, traditional Mexican food, and maybe even some sombrero cookies.

Or use our Sugar Skull Template and get creative.

Your kids will have a blast.

Cinco de Mayo Jokes for Kids

But before we get started with our Cinco de Mayo quotes and sayings, let’s look at these funny jokes first.

  • Let’s Taco Bout
  • I hate Cinco de Mayo!! Said no Juan ever.
  • What do you call four matadors in quicksand? Quatro Cinco
  • What do you call a Mexican drowning in mayonnaise? Sinko De Mayo.
  • Happy Cinco de Mayo! I hope every Juan has a great day
  • What do you call Mexican food that slowly moves? Inch-iladas.
  • What do penguins like to eat at Cinco De Mayo? Brrrrrrrrritos.

See our full list of fun Cinco de Mayo Jokes for Kids here.

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85 Best Cinco De Mayo Quotes for Kids

After we learned about Cinco de Mayo and its different activities to celebrate this Mexican holiday it is time to have a look at our inspirational Cinco de Mayo Quotes.

Our list of quotes for Cinco de Mayo includes happy Cinco de Mayo quotes and sayings, top Cinco de Mayo motivational quotes, Cinco de Mayo phrases and quotations, funny Cinco de Mayo puns, Cinco de Mayo quotes of the day, happy 5 de Mayo quotes, and many more.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

Cinco de Mayo Sayings for Kids

First I like to share with you our kids Cinco de Mayo sayings:

  • “Have a specu-taco-ular Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “Let’s Taco Bout. Happy Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “Have a fantas-taco day!
  • “You are the chips to my salsa this Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “In queso you didn’t know, I love Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “The fun never stops with Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Life is one big Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “I love our friend-chip! Happy Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Want to taco walk on the wild side this Cinco de Mayo?”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is going to guac your world!”
cinco de mayo sayings for kids

“I will eat all the Mexican food at Cinco de Mayo.”

quotes about cinco de mayo for kids

Feliz Cinco de Mayo Quotes for Kids

Next are our happy Cinco de Mayo quotes for kids:

  • “Keep calm and get your Cinco de Mayo on!”
  • “Taco ‘bout a fun day!”
  • “Have a Mexellent Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Let’s taco ’bout Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is boring, said no Juan ever.”
  • “Taco-operate with me, it is Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “You should live life just like Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Cinco de Mayo can be celebrated any day!”
  • “When life gives you avocados, make guacamole! Happy Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is nacho average holiday.”
Feliz Cinco de Mayo Quotes for Kids

“A full stomach means a happy heart. Happy Cinco de Mayo!”

happy cinco de mayo quotes for kids

Funny Cinco de Mayo Quotes

Followed by our fun Cinco de Mayo Quotes:

  • “Let’s burrito the hatchet on Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Happy Cinco de Mayo and seis de hangover.”
  • “Don’t burrito your head in the sand.”
  • “You are burrito-ful!”
  • “If you don’t like tacos, I am a nacho type.”
  • “I’m in a serious relation-chip with Cinco de Mayo!”
  • “Since it is May 5th and I’m on a diet, I’ll take the Cinco but hold de Mayo.” – Dan Adam
  • “I rather not Taco ’bout my weakness for Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Cino de Mayo is all about rocking out with your guac out!”
  • “How are you going to shell-ebrate Cinco de Mayo this year?”
Funny Cinco de Mayo Quotes and sayings

“Taco chance on me this Cinco de Mayo.”

5 de mayo quotes for kids

Funny Fiesta Quotes

Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican celebration. What fits better than our Cinco de Mayo fiesta quotes?

  • “La fiesta me llama.”
  • “Let’s get smashed.”
  • “There is much to celebrate.”
  • “Life is a fiesta.”
  • “No time to siesta, it is time to fiesta.”
  • “Life should not only be lived it should be celebrated!”
  • “Let the fiesta begin.”
  • “Happy Cinco de Mayo. If you don’t know what that means, maybe you’re a little out of touch or maybe you’re the governor of Arizona.” – Craig Ferguson
  • “Life is a party, dress like it.” – Audrey Hepburn
  • “Life is a fiesta, especially on May 5th.”
Funny Fiesta Quotes for kids

“The best time to celebrat is whenever you can.”

funny cinco de mayo quotes for fiesta

Fiesta Party Quotes

Don’t miss out on these Cinco de Mayo party quotes:

  • “Holy Guacamole! It is fiesta time!”
  • “Bring on the fiesta.”
  • “All you need is a fiesta!”
  • “Party like it is a fiesta.”
  • “Fiesta like there is no manana.”
  • “A little fiesta never hurt anybody.”
  • “Fiesta, sleep, repeat.”
  • “Let’s taco about fiesta.”
  • “Fiesta all day, siesta all night.”
  • “It is Fiesta time!”
fun Fiesta Party Quotes

“Let’s party like it is Cinco de Mayo.”

inspirational cinco de mayo quotes

Happy Cinco de Mayo Wishes for Kids

Do you want to wish your family and friends a happy celebration? Then our happy Cinco de Mayo messages for kids and adults are for you:

  • “It’s Cinco de Mayo today; clap your hands and shout Olé!” – The Kiboomers, Cinco De Mayo
  • “Happy Cinco de Mayo, everyone Enjoy!”
  • “I am taco-a-holic. Happy Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Lettuce enjoy some tacos. Happy Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is an enchanting experience!”
  • “Wishing a colorful, fun, and festive Cinco de Mayo to all my amigos!”
  • “Happy Tacco Day!”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is nacho average holiday.”
  • “It is Cinco de Mayo. Just in queso you didn’t know.”
  • “Every kiss begins with queso.”
Happy Cinco de Mayo Wishes for Kids

“Wishing you a wonderful Cinco de Mayo”

Happy Cinco de Mayo messages for Kids

Cinco de Mayo Quotes 2024

Now it is time for our short Cinco de Mayo quotes for 2024:

  • “Happy Cinco de Mayo 2024.”
  • “You had me at tacos.”
  • “Let’s party like it is Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “I turn up like Cinco de Mayo.” – Jahfi AMT, Cabo
  • “Cinco de Mayo is an important day. The Mexicans had to defend themselves from the French.” – Kuno Becker
  • “Taccos, lime, and sunshine.”
  • “Cinco de Mayo my happy place.”
  • “Life is all about chips and Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is historically significant, but it is not Mexican Independence Day.” – Kuno Becker
  • “Cinco de Mayo is about burritos and taccos.”
Cinco de Mayo Quotes 2023

“Enjoy Cinco de Mayo 2024.”

cinco de mayo quotes funny

Fun Cinco de Mayo Captions

Last but not least are our funny Cinco de Mayo captions for Instagram:

  • “Life is short. Eat more tacos!”
  • “Taco ’bout a fun day!”
  • “Keep calm and enjoy Cinco de Mayo.”
  • “Surround yourself with tacos, not negativity.”
  • “It is Ok, guacamole. I’m extra too.”
  • “Cinco de Mayo is a fantastic fiesta.”
  • “The only bad taco is the one you didn’t eat.”
  • “Don’t taco my vibe.”
  • “Think of a taco and remain happy.”
  • “I don’t want flowers. Only tacos, please.”
Fun Cinco de Mayo Captions for kids

“Let’s all calm down and celebrate Cinco de Mayo.”

cinco de mayo quotes short

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All visual learners can check out our Cinco de Mayo video here:

More Quotes

I also like to introduce you to the following quotes for kids:

Matching our Cinco de Mayo quotes and sayings here are some greeting cards you will like:

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