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Free Printable Sheep Templates and Coloring Sheets

Our free printable Sheep Templates come in three different sizes and with some cute sheep coloring pages. They are perfect for any Spring craft or farm animal activity. Let’s dive right in and get inspired!

free printable sheep templates

Free Printable Sheep Templates in Small, Medium, Large

Our sheep outlines come in small, medium, and large. They can be used all year round for arts and crafts projects. Especially during Spring they turn popular or are used for farm animal activities, and letter S sounds.

As I will show you below our sheep printable templates can be used in many different ways and settings. They are great for crafting at home, in the classrooms, or as an add-on to your homeschool curriculum.

Here are several printable sheep craft ideas for our templates. I hope you get inspired!

Sheep Outline Materials

First, we should have a look at what you will need for our easy sheep craft projects. Here is a short list of supplies you will need for our lamb printables:

  • Free Printable Sheep Templates (found below)
  • Scissor
  • Crayons, Markers, Colored Pencils
  • White Paper
  • Wool, Pom Poms, or Cotton Balls (optional)
  • Glue Stick

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6 Preschool Sheep Crafts

As mentioned above the possibilities for our sheep cut outs are endless. Nevertheless, I like to inspire you with some great ideas on how to use them in your classroom or at home.

1. Sheep Stencils

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about our printable sheep templates is to use them as stencils. It is such an easy sheep craft for preschoolers. I recommend using our medium-sized printables for your preschoolers. This way it is easier for them to cut them and turn them into wonderful sheep artwork.

There are several fun ways on which painting techniques to use for your sheep stencils. I made a full list of our 20 Best Toddler Painting Techniques for you. Go check them out and get inspired.

2. Letter S Sounds

It is time for your children to learn the letter “S”. No better way of using our free printable sheep outlines to manifest the letter S.

Simply download them for free, cut them out, and use them as show and tell for the letter S. Otherwise you could also let your children or students do an easy craft while teaching the letter.

3. Counting Sheeps Activity

Did you count sheep when you were little to fall asleep? Why not use our sheep template printables to teach your kids to count and learn the numbers?

To focus on the educational part of this sheep activity I would recommend you cut and decorate the sheep ahead of time. This way your children can focus on what is important: Counting and learning their numbers.

After you have cut and decorated the small printable sheep, take a marker and write the numbers on their body. Now you can implement them into your teaching routine.

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4. Easter Lamp Craft

Especially during Spring, when Easter comes near our templates make adorable Easter lamp crafts.

Why not print and cut them and instead of using markers to color them use materials such as pom poms, wool, or cotton balls to decorate them nicely?

With the help of a glue stick attach your materials to the back of the sheep and give them a nice soft 3d look. It is the perfect Easter motor skill activity your children will love!

5. Sheep Coloring Pages

I added several sheep coloring pages, such as cute sheep body templates, or a sheep head template.

They show the colored picture in the right corner so smaller children know which parts to color in which color.

Coloring sheep is a nice calming activity and requires a lot of focus from smaller children to draw inside the lines. They def. will enjoy it!

6. Classroom Decoration

Why not use the Easter lamb crafts from above and use them to decorate your classroom for Spring and Easter?

You can place them on your windows for parents to see or create a garland full of sheep with them. They would look nice hanging from the ceiling for sure!

If you are a visual learner, go check out this great sheep craft idea for our templates. You will like it!

6. Fun Sheep Facts for Kids

You can never feed your children enough knowledge to feed their curiosity. Therefore I checked out some cool sheep facts for you and your children:

  1. Sheep eat plants, vegetables, and grasses. They are herbivores.
  2. Sheep originated in Asia and Europe and became very common in Australia and America.
  3. Like other creatures, they can display emotions.
  4. Sheep are incredibly intelligent and have the ability to do simple problem-solving.
  5. They also have a great memory.
  6. When they are ill, they seek out specific plants to self-medicate.

These and more facts can be found here.

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