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90 Best Super Bowl Quotes for Kids

Are you seeking Super Bowl Quotes for Kids to make game day a memorable family experience? Your search ends here!

Discover 90 Super Bowl Sayings for Kids, complete with suggested books, engaging activities, and complimentary printable Super Bowl phrases, all designed to create an unforgettable and educational Super Bowl celebration for your little ones.

Let’s dive into the excitement and bring the Super Bowl spirit to your family gathering!

best super bowl quotes for kids

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Clean Super Bowl Jokes

Before we get started with our Super Bowl quotes for kids, let’s start off with some fun super bowl jokes:

  1. What dessert do they serve at the Super Bowl? Sundays.
  2. Why was the receiver nicknamed “Bad News?” Because bad news travels fast.
  3. Which Super Bowl player wears the biggest cleats? The one with the biggest feet!
  4. Why did the football quit playing in the Super Bowl? It was tired of being kicked around.
  5. What runs around the field during the Super Bowl but never moves? A wall
  6. How do they hire Superbowl referees? With stilts.
  7. Where do the quickest football players like to eat? Fast food restaurants (because they are so fast).
  8. What do Superbowl players do when they get overheated? They get closer to the fans.
  9. Which football player wears the biggest helmet on Superbowl Sunday? The one with the biggest head!
  10. Why will it be warmer in the stadium the day after the Super Bowl? All the fans will be gone.

American Football Books for Kids

In case your children like to learn a little bit more about American football, go check out the following book recommendations:

A Sports Illustrated Kids Book.

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED KIDS kicks off the football season with a brand-new series to help young readers learn the rules, plays, and basics of popular sports.

The Big Book of Who: Football Newly Revised & Updated is a collection of the 101 football stars every fan needs to know, past and present.

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90 Best Super Bowl Quotes for Kids

Are you ready for the big game day?

Then check out our sassy Super Bowl quotes and use them for your Super Bowl party invitations.

Our list includes the best Super Bowl sayings for kids, the best Super Bowl fun quotes, Super Bowl phrases and slogans, funny Super Bowl captions and puns, and many more.

At the end of our article, you will find our free printable Super Bowl Quotes. Don’t forget to check them out.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

Super Bowl Quotes for Kids

First are our fun Super Bowl quotes for kids:

  • Football is a way of life.” – Varsity Blues
  • “Keep Calm and Watch the Super Bowl!”
  • “Pass the ball y’all”
  • “Think positive, it helps you begin and win.”
  • “If you don’t play to win, don’t play at all!” – Tom Brady
  • “You are my MVP: most valuable pizza.”
  • “I just hope both teams have fun!”
  • “Daddy’s football buddy!”
  • “May the best team win!”
  • “These commercials are making me hungry.”
best super bowl quotes for children

“We can’t keep calm. It’s the Super Bowl.”

kids super bowl quotes

Quotes About the Super Bowl

How about the following quotes on the Super Bowl?

  • Just remember, football is 80 percent mental and 40 percent physical.” – Little Giants
  • “But first, we snack.”
  • “I’m trying to win the Super Bowl. That’s a team award and that’s what I want.” – Lamar Jackson
  • “Does the Super Bowl come with sides?”
  • “Feeling tail-great at the Super Bowl party.”
  • “There’s going to be food? Ok, I’ll come.”
  • “Anything is better than last year’s game.”
  • “Just winging it at the Super Bowl party.”
  • “Why buy Super Bowl tickets when you could buy Super Bowl food?”
  • “Excuse me, while I go cheer for my team.”
Quotes About the Super Bowl

“If [the Super Bowl is] the ultimate game, how come they’re playing it again next year?”

Duane Thomas
quotes on the super bowl

Did you enjoy our Super Bowl greetings for kids?
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Inspiring Super Bowl Quotes

Let’s get inspired by our Super Bowl slogans:

  • “I rub it in pretty good when I win.” – Tom Brady
  • “Let’s win this game!”
  • “Losing isn’t an option.”
  • “Get in loser, we’re watching the Super Bowl.”
  • “I’ve never met a stadium I didn’t like.”
  • “When you take that field today, you’ve got to lay that heart on the line.” – We Are Marshall
  • “Game time!”
  • “If only my fantasy football team could play.”
  • “If our team loses, at least we have pie!”
  • Today’s forecast: 100% chance of winning.
Inspiring Super Bowl Quotes

“I believed that I could go to the Super Bowl and win multiple Super Bowls and do all of those things. I believe in that every day.”

Russell Wilson
inspiring super bowl sayings for kids

Super Bowl Phrases

Time to check out our Super Bowl posts:

  • “Records are made to be broken but all I want to do is win the Super Bowl.” – Demaryius Thomas
  • “Sorry, I can’t keep calm when football is on.”
  • “Call me when the Super Bowl rings are onion rings.”
  • “There’s only a little difference between champs and chumps.”
  • “Life is simple: eat, sleep, play football!”
  • “I predict that either the home team or the away team will win this game.”
  • “Get in loser, we’re watching football.”
  • “So are you team Lay’s or Dorito’s?”
  • “During the Super Bowl, you keep your friends close and your snacks closer.”
  • “Got my game face on.”
Super Bowl Phrases

“I rub it in pretty good when I win.”

Tom Brady
Super Bowl Posts

Fun Super Bowl Sayings

Next are our Super Bowl sayings for kids:

  • “Don’t keep calm it is Super Bowl Sunday!”
  • “You don’t like my team? That’s okay, not everyone has good taste.”
  • “Eat like a champion today.”
  • “You’re looking at the Super Bowl champ! That is, the super bowl of chips I just touched down.”
  • “Touchdown!”
  • “This halftime selfie is brought to you by honey BBQ wings.”
  • “Call me when the Super Bowl rings are onion rings.”
  • “You came for the sport. I came for the dips.”
  • “If it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, then why do they keep score?” – Vince Lombardi
  • “If only my fantasy football team could play.”
Fun Super Bowl Sayings for kids

“That’s been the dream since you were a little kid growing up. You want to be the guy playing in the Super Bowl. It’s what you live for, really.”

Jimmy Garoppolo
fun super bowl quotes for kids

Happy Super Bowl Sunday Quotes

You can not miss the following fun Super Bowl Sunday quotes:

  • “I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want to win the next Super Bowl.” – Jerry Jones
  • “Happy Super Bowl Sunday!”
  • “Super Bowl Sunday has arrived!”
  • “I’m just here so I won’t … miss the food.”
  • “Super Bowl Sunday: The best day of the year to go to Trader Joe’s.”
  • “The best day of the season: Super Bowl Sunday!”
  • “The best Super Bowl is a super bowl of SALSA.”
  • “Keep calm and get your game faces on.”
  • “Win more, stress less.”
  • “If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching highlights from this game forever.”
Super Bowl Sunday Quotes

“On Sundays, we watch football.”

Fun Super Bowl Sunday Sayings

Super Bowl One Liners

Do you enjoy any of these Super Bowl one liners?

  • “Champions play as one.”
  • “My house. My team.”
  • “Just don’t fumble the snacks.”
  • “Calm before the score.”
  • “Home is where the field is.”
  • “This is my game face.”
  • “Leave it all on the field”
  • “Keep calm and football on.”
  • “We smell FEAR.”
  • “Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing.”
Super Bowl One Liners

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Friday Night Lights
quotes about super bowl sunday

Fun Super Bowl Captions

Check out these funny super bowl captions:

  • Weeeee are the champions!
  • Let’s talk about our game plan.
  • The calm before the score.
  • Whoever said winning isn’t everything has clearly never won anything.
  • Our team made it look *so* easy.
  • Football is life!
  • It’s time to eat like a champion.
  • How are you fielding about the Super Bowl?
  • We kept these game faces on all night.
  • Here’s my game plan: Devour all the snacks.
Fun Super Bowl Captions

“Dear, quarterback. Please make some good snap decisions.”

Super Bowl Captions for Instagram

Funny Super Bowl Puns

Last but not least are our fun Super Bowl puns for kids:

  • You know what they say… Super Bowl rings don’t lie.
  • Is it time for the halftime show yet?
  • That penalty was nacho problem.
  • The huddle is real.
  • We are the champions of snacking.
  • I’m just winging it.
  • Just in the kick of time.
  • Actions speak louder than coaches.
  • Fantasy football is you think your team has a chance to win.
  • Football games seriously guac my world.

“Came for the sports, stayed for the guac.”

fun super bowl puns

Our visual learners can check out our fun Super Bowl Quotes for the family here:

More Quotes

I also like to introduce you to the following quotes for kids:

Fun Super Bowl Activities

After you are done with our Super Bowl quotes and sayings, go check out the following matching activities for the big day:

Matching our super bowl quotes and sayings, here are some greeting and invitation cards:

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