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160+ Inspiring Proud Mom Quotes and Sayings

Are you in search of touching and inspiring proud mom quotes? You’ve landed in the perfect spot!

Explore our handpicked compilation of over 160+ Proud Mama Quotes, complete with book recommendations, interactive activities, and free printables.

Join us on this heartwarming journey to celebrate the beauty of motherhood and bask in the love and pride that being a mom brings!

Let’s dive right in and explore our proud mom quotes now!

inspirational proud mom quotes

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Share your proud moments with the world. Our proud mum moment quotes are perfect to express your feelings.

But before we get started, with our proud mama bear quotes, let’s have a look at the matching books.

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160 Inspirational Proud Mom Quotes

You love being a mom and are super proud of your kids.

There is nothing wrong with sharing these feelings. Confirmation towards your kids will actually boost their self-confidence!

So don’t be shy and check out our I m so proud of you quotes.

Our list includes sweet proud mom quotes and sayings, adorable proud mom quotes for daughters and sons, proud single mom quotes, proud new mom sayings, fun proud mom puns and captions, and many more.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

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Best Proud Mom Quotes

First are our best proud mom quotes and sayings:

  • “So proud to be your Mom.”
  • “I will always be your biggest fan.”
  • “I am strong, I am proud. I am a Mom.”
  • “A Mother thinks once for herself and twice for her kids.”
  • “Proud Mom!”
  • “There is no love purer than a Mother’s love.”
  • “You never understand life until it grows inside of you.”
  • “You are so loved my child.”
  • “Proud to be a mother!”
  • “God couldn’t be everywhere so that is why he invented mothers.”
proud mamma quotes for kids

“I m a proud mother. I gave my children life and they gave me a reason to live!”

quotes about proud moms
proud mom quotes

Best Proud New Mom Quotes

Are you a fresh mom? Then these proud new mom quotes are for you:

  • “You’re already the perfect mom for your baby.”
  • “I still check on my kids while they sleep. Doesn’t matter how old they get.”
  • “I m prouder every day you are with us!”
  • “What an honor it is to be a tiny somebody’s everything.”
  • “My baby, you are a blessing in every way!”
  • “I’ve never had a moment’s doubt. I love you. I believe in you completely. You are my dearest one. My reason for life.”
  • “You are the love of my life, I m happy you are finally here!”
  • “You will know exactly what to do for your baby.”
  • “Behind every young child who believes in themselves is a mama who believed first.” – Unknown
  • “You made me one proud mamma!”
Proud New Mom Quotes

“The biggest surprise, which is also the best, is that I didn’t know I would love motherhood as much as I do.”

Proud New Mom sayings
proud new mom quotes

Proud Single Mom Sayings

This is for our single moms. Here are your proud single mom quotes:

  • “I am a proud single mom, and I wouldn’t change anything.”
  • “I didn’t set out to be a single mom. I set out to be the best mom I could be…And that hasn’t changed.”
  • “She has to have four arms, four legs, four eyes, two hearts, and double the love. There is nothing single about a single mom.” – Mandy Hale
  • “Being a single mum is twice the work, twice the stress, and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love, and twice the pride.”
  • “As a single mum, there are many struggles laying ahead but the smile of your children makes it worth the while!”
  • “A single mom tries when things are hard. She never gives up. She believes in her family, even when things are tough. She knows that above all things… a mother’s love is more than enough.” – Denice Williams
  •  “As a single mum, you’ll discover inner strengths and capabilities you never knew you had.” – Emma-Louise Smith
  • “Just because I am a single mother doesn’t mean I cannot be a success.” – Yvonne Kaloki
  • “I can do it!”
  • “I’m not really single. I mean, I am, but I have a son. Being a single mother is different from being a single woman.” – Kate Hudson
Proud Single Mom Sayings

“Being a single parent is not a life full of struggles, but a journey for the strong.”

Meg Lowrey
Proud Single Mom quotes
Proud Single Mom Sayings

Proud Mama Phrases

What do you think about these proud mama quotes?

  • “For as long as I’m living my baby you’ll be.”
  • “I wouldn’t change my children for the world, but I wish I could change the world for my children.”
  • “No matter what I do, I do it for you.”
  • “Mom life is the best life.”
  • “Being a mom it’s easy but it is the best job in the world.”
  • “​​We are born of love; love is our mother.”
  • “ My kids don’t realize I need them more than they need me.”
  • “My mom tells me every single day that she’s proud of me.” – Don Lemon
  • “Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with a Mother.” 
  • “Motherhood. All love begins and ends there.”
Proud Mama Phrases

“A mother is your first friend, your best friend, and your best friend.”

phrases on proud moms
proud mama quotes

Best Proud to Be a Mother Quotes

Next are our proud to be a mom sayings:

  • “There’s no greater love than the love of a mother to their child.”
  • “I’m your biggest cheerleader”
  • “‘As a mama, you may see me struggle, but you will never see me quit.”
  • “There are places in your heart that exist that you didn’t even know about until you become a Mom.”
  • “A mom’s hug lasts long after she lets go.”
  • “I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you.”
  • “Motherhood. All love begins and ends there.”
  • “There is nothing you could do that would change my love for you.”
  • “I’m proud of many things in life, but nothing beats being a mother.”
  • “I’m going to teach my children to reach for the stars, but I’m going to make sure they know I will love them regardless of where they land.”
Best Proud to Be a Mother Quotes

“Mother’s love is peace. It need not be acquired, it need not be deserved.”

Erich Fromm
Best Proud to Be a Mother sayings

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quotes on proud moms
proud mom sayings

Proud Mom Quotes for Daughter

Do you have a daughter? Then check out our proud mama quotes for daughters:

  • “A daughter is God’s way of saying, ‘thought you could use a lifelong friend.”
  • “To my daughter! I love you, and I’m so proud of the strong, beautiful, and intelligent woman you’ve become.”
  • “If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you don’t disappoint her.”
  • “My mom was my role model before I even knew what that word was.” 
  • “You are a blessing to our life. Not a single day have you ever disappointed us. We are proud of you, daughter.”
  • “My biggest accomplishment will never be money. It will be who I raised.”
  • “Raising such a daughter has been an amazing experience. I am so proud of you, daughter.”
  • “My daughter makes me laugh with her incredibly humorous take on the world. Everything makes her laugh, and I aspire to take in the world the same shoes she does.”
  • “My mom taught me a woman’s mind is the most beautiful part of her.”
  • “To my beloved daughter, I am happy and proud of the kind of young woman that you have grown into. You are so amazing and beautiful inside out.”
Proud Mom Quotes for Daughter

“We mothers are learning to mark our mothering success by our daughters’ lengthening flight.”

Letty Cottin Pogrebin
Proud Mom sayings for Daughter

Proud Mom Quotes for Son

Time for all the moms out there with sons. Here are your proud mamma quotes for son’s:

  • “There is no love like the love between a Mother and her Sons.”
  • “A man loves his sweetheart the most, his wife the best, but his mother the longest.” – Irish Proverb
  • “I’ll always be here cheering you on.”
  • “I may not be perfect, but when I look at my son, I know that I got something in my life perfectly right.”
  • “The most important mark I’ll leave on this earth is my son.”
  • “Son’s are the anchor to a Mom’s life.”
  • “There is an endearing tenderness in the love of a mother to a son that transcends all other affections of the heart.” – Washington Irving
  • “Son you will outgrow my lap but never my heart.”
  • “You don’t raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, they’ll turn out to be heroes, even if it’s just in your own eyes.” – Walter M. Schirra, Sr.
  • “My son, live your life to the fullest. Spread your wings and fly high up in the air.”
Proud Mom Quotes for Son

“Happy is the son whose faith in his mother remains unchallenged.

Louisa May Alcott
Proud Mom Quotes to Son's

Funny Proud Mom Quotes

Celebrate motherhood with laughter! Enjoy these 10 hilarious and heartwarming proud mom quotes that every mom can relate to.

  • “I’m not saying I’m Wonder Woman, but no one has ever seen me and Wonder Woman in the same room.” – Unknown
  • “I used to have a tidy house, then I became a mom. Now it’s more like an indoor playground with snacks.” – Unknown
  • “My kid’s art could be in a museum… if they had a museum for ‘Abstract Creations on the Kitchen Wall.'” – Unknown
  • “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a cool mom. Cool enough to hide veggies in pizza and call it a victory.” – Unknown
  • “My favorite cardio workout is trying to keep up with my toddler who just discovered the word ‘why.'” – Unknown
  • “I’m not saying my kid is a genius, but he did just explain Minecraft to me like I was five.” – Unknown
  • “I used to finish books in a week. Now, I consider it a win if I finish a sentence without interruption.” – Unknown
  • “I don’t always have time for a spa day, but I do have time to hide in the bathroom with chocolate.” – Unknown
  • “My house is a mess, but so are my kids, and they’re my masterpieces.” – Unknown
  • “I’m not a regular mom; I’m a mom who has perfected the art of reheating coffee at least five times a day.” – Unknown

Quotes About Proud Mom

Here are more quotes on being a proud mom:

  • “When you are looking at your mother, you are looking at the purest love there is.”
  • “The nights are long but the years are so short.”
  • “I don’t want my kids to follow in my footsteps, I want them to go further.”
  • “There is nothing stronger than a mom’s love.”
  • “A Mother will never give up on their children.”
  • “It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always need your Mom.”
  • “Mom turned upside down is Wow.”
  • “Never feel guilty for doing what is best for you and your family.”
  • “Even when I’m tired, I will always find strength for my children.”
  • “I want to raise kids who are kind, who help others and live well.”
Quotes About Proud Mom

“The day you came into my life, I knew what my purpose was. To love and protect you with everything I have.”

Quotes About Proud Moms
quotes about proud mom

Inspirational Proud to Be a Mom Quote

Check out our adorable proud to be a mom quotes:

  • “I’m going to be who I needed when I was young.”
  • “Sometimes when I need a miracle I look into my child’s eyes and see I already have one. “
  • “My goal is to raise children strong enough to be whoever they want to be.”
  • “Your children will become who you are, so become who you want them to be.”
  • “I’ll always be here cheering you on.”
  • “Sometimes I just look at my kids and smile because I know how blessed I truly am.”
  • “There’s never been a bigger reason to take care of yourself than doing it for your kids”
  • “Motherhood is the greatest thing, and the hardest thing.”
  • “My kids will always come first.” 
  • “Whenever you are feeling hopeless, hug your child. It’s amazing how they remind us our life is always full of love.”
Inspirational Proud to Be a Mom Quote

Inspirational Proud to Be a Mom phrase
proud mom sayings

Fun Proud Mom Quotes

What do you think about our funny proud mother quotes:

  • “Well done mom, I m awesome!”
  • “Proud member of the hot mess moms club.”
  • “Fly as a mother.”
  • “Nobody have a mom like mine.”
  • “Proud of all these crazies.”
  • “Was normal before kids.”
  • “Hot mess mommy.”
  • “Rocking this mom bod.”
  • “Mummy of the year.”
  • “Proudest mom on this Earth.”

“Mom is so proud of you!”


Proud Mother Quotes

How do you like our proud mom quotes so far? We are not at the end yet. Here are some more proud mama quotes for you:

  • “You are my everything. I will always love you”
  • “I am proud to be your mother.”
  • “You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you!”
  • “I love you so much. You are my everything.”
  • “I m proud of you every single day.”
  • “Proud mom rocking it!”
  • “I love being with you every minute. You make me very proud.”
  • “Proud mama of a little rascal.”
  • “Why wouldn’t I be proud of you? You are perfect in every single way.”
  • “I will always love my baby.”
proud mom quotes for daughter
proud mother quotes

Fun Proud Mom Captions

Now it is time for our funny proud mom captions:

  • Mom: a title just above queen.
  • “Nothing is lost until Mom can’t find it.”
  • Behind every great woman is an even better mother.
  • No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that.
  • Who needs a superhero when you have a mom?
  • Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mom.
  • “Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary; it’s an act of infinite optimism.” – Gilda Radner
  • No matter how much I say I love you, I always love you more than that.
  • I got it from my mama!
  • Mom by chance, bestie by choice.
  • “A mother is best. A mother knows what is inside you.” – Amy Tan
  • Moms are the only ones who know the true meaning of 24/7.
  • A mother’s love liberates.” – Maya Angelou
  • “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother.” – Oprah Winfrey
  • “To a child’s ear, ‘mother’ is magic in any language.” – Arlene Benedict
Fun Proud Mom Captions

“Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are.”

Dorothy Canfield Fisher
Funny Proud Mom Captions
proud mom captions

Funny Mom Puns

Last but not least are our fun proud mom puns.

  • “Finally made mom proud!”
  • “You’re top mom.”
  • “You’re a souper mom.”
  • “I’m proud to be y’orchid.”
  • “It’s truly mum-believable how talented you are.”
  • “I m a proud mom of a ….”
  • “You are amazing!”
  • “Today, we celebrate a mom-entous occasion.”
  • “Take it on the mother-side”
  • “Proud mom of all these crazies!”
  • “To me, you’re perfect.”
  • “You are one in a melon!”
  • “Thanks for all the mom-umental work you did to raise me.”
  • “Mom, you’re tea-riffic.”
  • “When one door closes, a mother one opens.”

“Mom, you make my world butter just by being in it.”

fun proud mom puns

All visual learners can check out here our proud mom video as well:

More Quotes

I also like to introduce you to the following quotes for kids:

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What Is a Strong Mother Quote?

  • “A mother’s strength is the heartbeat that echoes love through the soul of her family.” – Unknown
  • “Strong as the mountains, tender as the morning dew — that’s the strength of a mother’s love.” – Unknown
  • “In her strength, a mother weaves the tapestry of resilience and the fabric of family bonds.” – Unknown
  • “A mother’s strength isn’t just in what she can endure, but in what she can empower others to become.” – Unknown
  • “Through sleepless nights and endless sacrifices, a mother’s strength is the silent force that shapes futures.” – Unknown
  • “A mother’s strength is a symphony of courage, compassion, and unyielding love, playing in the hearts of her children.” – Unknown
  • “Mothers: the unsung heroes whose strength is the foundation upon which families and dreams are built.” – Unknown

What Is the Best Quote for Mother?

  • A mother’s love is the compass that guides us through life’s journey with unwavering devotion.” – Unknown
  • “In the book of life, a mother’s love writes the most beautiful chapters.” – Unknown
  • “Motherhood: where love knows no bounds, and strength knows no limits.” – Unknown
  • “A mother’s hug lasts long after she lets go, echoing in the hearts of those she holds dear.” – Unknown
  • “A mother’s love is a masterpiece, painted with warmth, kindness, and endless understanding.” – Unknown
  • “In the garden of life, a mother is the most exquisite bloom, radiating love in every petal.” – Unknown
  • “A mother’s love is the melody that lingers in the hearts of her children, a timeless song of comfort and joy. – Unknown
  • “Mothers: the architects of love, the keepers of hearts, and the silent strength that shapes the world.” – Unknown

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