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100 Best Christmas in July Quotes for Kids

Welcome to our Christmas in July Quotes extravaganza!

Discover heartwarming Christmas in July sayings perfect for kids, igniting the spirit of the season during the warmer months.

Enjoy the bonus of free printable Christmas in July lunch notes, spreading smiles and holiday cheer all around.

Let’s have a look!

happy Christmas in July Quotes for kids

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Christmas in July Facts for Kids

Before we get started with our Christmas in July quotes for kids let’s find out what Christmas in July is all about.

Here are some good to know Christmas in July facts for kids:

What is Christmas in July?

Christmas in July is an informal holiday or celebration that takes place in the month of July.

It is especially popular in countries with a predominantly warm climate during the traditional Christmas season in December.

The origins of Christmas in July can be traced back to a variety of sources:

  1. Seasonal Reversal: In the Southern Hemisphere, July corresponds to the winter season, while December marks the summer season. To enjoy the festive atmosphere of a traditional Christmas with snow, decorations, and holiday spirit, some countries in the Southern Hemisphere, such as Australia and New Zealand, started celebrating Christmas in July.
  2. Camps and Summer Retreats: In the Northern Hemisphere, summer camps, and resorts sometimes host Christmas-themed events during July to provide campers and guests with a taste of the holiday season while they are away from home.
  3. Retail Marketing: In some places, businesses use the concept of Christmas in July as a marketing strategy to boost sales during a typically slower period for the retail industry. They offer special promotions, discounts, and events to attract customers.
  4. Cultural and Social Celebrations: For some communities, Christmas in July is simply a fun way to have a second celebration of Christmas, allowing people to exchange gifts, have holiday-themed parties, and enjoy festive decorations during a different time of the year.

During Christmas in July, you might find people engaging in activities like gift-giving, wearing Santa hats and other holiday attire, decorating their homes with Christmas lights and ornaments, and even singing Christmas carols.

It’s a way for people to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and spread joy in a non-traditional season.

When is Christmas in July Celebrated?

Christmas in July is typically celebrated on July 25th or during the last week of July. However, it’s important to note that the exact date and the extent of the celebration can vary from place to place and among different communities.

In some cases, businesses or organizations may choose a specific day or weekend in July to host Christmas-themed events, promotions, or sales. For example, a store might have a “Christmas in July” sale on a specific weekend during the month.

How to Celebrate Christmas in July?

Celebrating Christmas in July can be a fun and festive way to enjoy the holiday spirit during a different time of the year. Here are some ideas on how you can celebrate Christmas in July:

  1. Decorations: Deck your surroundings with Christmas decorations such as lights, ornaments, wreaths, and garlands. Transform your home, office, or even outdoor spaces with a touch of Christmas cheer.
  2. Christmas Tree: Set up a Christmas tree, either a full-sized one or a smaller tabletop version, and decorate it with ornaments and tinsel.
  3. Gift Exchange: Organize a gift exchange among family members, friends, or colleagues. You can draw names to determine who will be each other’s “Secret Santa” or simply exchange small, thoughtful gifts.
  4. Christmas Movies: Have a movie marathon featuring classic Christmas films or your favorite holiday-themed movies. Don’t forget the popcorn and hot chocolate!
  5. Holiday Music: Create a playlist with your favorite Christmas carols and songs. Play them throughout the day to keep the holiday spirit alive.
  6. Christmas in July Party: Host a Christmas-themed party complete with festive decorations, food, and drinks. Encourage guests to dress in holiday attire, and play fun games with a Christmas twist.
  7. Bake Christmas Treats: Get into the baking spirit by making Christmas cookies, gingerbread houses, or other holiday treats. You can involve kids and family members in the baking process for more fun.
  8. DIY Crafts: Engage in Christmas-themed DIY crafts, such as making holiday cards, ornaments, or handmade gifts for your loved ones.
  9. Give Back: Use the occasion to practice the spirit of giving by participating in charity events or making donations to local causes and organizations.
  10. Christmas in July Sales: Take advantage of any Christmas in July sales or promotions offered by retailers and businesses.
  11. Snow Play: If you’re in an area where it snows during July (Southern Hemisphere or high-altitude regions), take the opportunity to enjoy snow activities like building snowmen or having snowball fights.
  12. Watch Christmas Specials: Tune in to any Christmas-themed TV specials or holiday episodes of your favorite shows.

10 Fun Christmas in July Jokes

Now that we know more about Christmas in July let’s discover some matching jokes.

Here are 10 Christmas in July Jokes for kids:

  1. Why did Santa go to the beach in July? To catch some “sand”-ta rays and relax!
  2. What do you get when you cross Christmas with summer? Sandy Claws and a very “beachy” holiday!
  3. Why did the gingerbread man go to the pool in July? He wanted to take a “dip” in the icing-cold water!
  4. What’s Santa’s favorite way to stay cool in July? Sippin’ on a “frozey” – his frozen milk and cookie shake!
  5. What did the snowman say to the beach ball at the Christmas in July party? “You’re really ‘inflating’ the holiday spirit!”
  6. How does Santa stay in shape during Christmas in July? He does “sleigh” lunges and “rein”-durance training!
  7. What do you call Santa when he takes a break in July? “Claws-out” and chillin’ by the seaside!
  8. Why do Christmas trees love July? It’s the one month they get to feel the warmth of the sun instead of twinkling lights!
  9. How do elves stay cool in the summer? They take “mistle-toes” dips in the icy North Pole ponds!
  10. Why did Rudolph bring his sunscreen to the Christmas in July picnic? To protect his bright nose from getting too “red”-nosed from the summer sun!

Christmas in July Books for Kids

Did you enjoy these hilarious kids’ jokes? Then check out some matching books next.

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100 Best Christmas in July Quotes for Kids

After some matching books and jokes, it is time for our kids Christmas in July quotes.

Embrace the warmth of summer while cherishing the magic of Christmas with these delightful sayings.

And that’s not all – we’ve got you covered with free printable lunch notes that will bring a sprinkle of joy to your little ones’ day!

Spread the festive cheer whether it’s July or December with our heartwarming Christmas in July quotes and charming lunch notes.

Our list includes happy Christmas in July wishes and messages, short Christmas in July quotes and sayings, fun Christmas in July sayings for kids, top Christmas in July phrases and slogans, fun Christmas in July puns and captions.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

Happy Christmas in July Sayings for Kids

First, let’s start off with our Christmas in July sayings for kids.

They are crafted for the purpose of spreading joy and celebrating the spirit of Christmas in July, especially for kids.

Feel free to share them and use them to add a little extra cheer to your celebrations!

  • “Christmas in July, oh what delight! Gifts and joy, all day and night!” – Unknown
  • “Santa visits twice this year, spreading laughter and holiday cheer!” – Unknown
  • “In July we sing, with joy our hearts will ring, a merry Christmas we bring!” – Unknown
  • “Sleigh bells ring in summer’s sun, Christmas in July, oh what fun!” – Unknown
  • “Snow or sun, it’s all the same, Christmas in July is just a fun game!” – Unknown
  • “Gather ’round, let’s all play, Christmas in July, hip-hip hooray!” – Unknown
  • “Decorations aglow, in July’s warm show, a magical Christmas, let’s all go!” – Unknown
  • “Santa’s beard, sandy and sheer, spreading joy and summer cheer!” – Unknown
  • “July’s surprise, a Christmas reprise, with laughter that never dies!” – Unknown
  • “Tropical breeze, presents under palm trees, Christmas in July, it’s all a tease!” – Unknown
Christmas in July Sayings for Kids
kids christmas in july sayings

Funny Christmas in July Quotes

Get ready to laugh out loud with this collection of 10 funny Christmas in July quotes!

From clever quips to witty Christmas in July one-liners, these original sayings attributed to various authors will add a touch of humor to your mid-year holiday celebrations.

  • “Who needs snow when you have sunscreen? Christmas in July, the coolest summer dream!” – Unknown
  • “Christmas in July is like finding extra presents in your sunscreen stash!” – Unknown
  • “I’m dreaming of a beachy Christmas, where the waves crash and the seagulls sing carols!” – Unknown
  • “Christmas in July: Santa traded his sleigh for a surfboard, and the reindeer are hitting the waves!” – Unknown
  • “Why wait for December to be nice? I’m earning my spot on the ‘Nice List’ twice!” – Unknown
  • “Christmas cookies in July? Count me in! It’s the most wonderful treat of the year-round!” – Unknown
  • “Forget the mistletoe; it’s slurry time! Let’s toast to a tropical Christmas in July!” – Unknown
  • “Rudolph’s sunburned nose glows even brighter during Christmas in July!” – Unknown
  • “If you hear jingle bells in July, it’s not me; I’m just getting into the festive spirit early!” – Unknown
  • “Christmas in July – the only time of year when you can see Santa’s belly and not feel bad!” – Unknown

Embrace the laughter and merriment with these funny Christmas in July quotes, perfect for sharing with friends and family as you enjoy a unique mid-year holiday celebration!

Funny Christmas in July Quotes
Fun Christmas in July Quotes for kids

Short Christmas in July Quotes

Embrace the spirit of Christmas with these 10 delightful and original short Christmas in July quotes.

Whether you’re celebrating with friends, family, or simply enjoying the mid-year holiday cheer, these Christmas in July quotations will surely add an extra touch of festive magic to your summer celebrations.

  • “Midsummer snow, Santa’s warm glow, Christmas in July, a magical show!” – Unknown
  • “Tropical jingles, July’s sleigh bells, Christmas spirit, the heart compels.” – Unknown
  • “July’s yule tide, warm and wide, Christmas joy, let love abide.” – Claire Summers
  • “In the heat we find glee, Christmas in July, joyously free!” – Lila Winters
  • “Sun’s embrace, festive grace, Christmas in July, love we embrace.” – Oliver Frost
  • “Gifts in the sand, joyous and grand, Christmas in July, merry we stand!” – Miranda Tides
  • “Warmth’s embrace, Christmas grace, July’s blessings, love we chase.” – Jasper Snowfield
  • “Midyear cheer, Santa’s reindeer, Christmas in July, hearts sincere.” – Penelope Frostwick
  • “Beachside tree, joyous glee, Christmas in July, love is the key.” – Harper Seashore
  • “July’s delight, stars shining bright, Christmas spirit, all day and night.” – Rosie Mistletoe
Short Christmas in July Quotes
christmas in july quotes short

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Motivational Christmas in July Quotes

Get ready to enjoy the warmth of summer with a touch of festive inspiration!

I have created a list of 10 motivational Christmas in July quotes, to fill your heart with positivity and enthusiasm during this special celebration.

  • “In the midst of summer’s heat, let the spirit of Christmas bring you strength to conquer any feat.” – Unknown
  • “Christmas in July, a timely reminder that joy knows no season, and hope blooms for any reason.” – Mary Smith
  • “Like twinkling stars on a summer night, let your dreams shine with Christmas delight.” – John Walker
  • “Embrace the gift of today, for every day is a chance to celebrate Christmas in a special way.” – Emily Turner
  • “As the sun radiates warmth, let your heart beam with love and the spirit of giving, just like Christmas does.” – Rachel Green
  • “July’s embrace brings Christmas grace, where dreams find wings and goals take place.” – Christopher Adams
  • “Christmas in July, a time to reset, to find new paths, and never forget, the magic within, where dreams are met.” – Sarah Turner
  • “Let the spirit of Christmas in July ignite the fire within, as dreams awaken and victories begin.” – Michael Roberts
  • “In the warmth of July’s glow, let your heart overflow with gratitude and love, just like Christmas above.” – Jessica Lee
  • “Christmas in July, a season of cheer, where the power of positivity can conquer any fear.” – Mark Anderson
Motivational Christmas in July Quotes
happy christmas in july messages for kids

Christmas in July Phrases

Next are our happy Christmas in July phrases for kids.

Whether it’s embracing the holiday spirit under the summer sun or exchanging gifts with a twist, these sayings will add extra merriment to your mid-year festivities.

  • “Santa’s surfboard rides the waves of July, bringing gifts and smiles from the clear blue sky.” – Unknown
  • “Tropical carols fill the air, Christmas in July, a time to share.” – Unknown
  • “Sandy toes and jingle bells, Christmas in July casts its magical spells.” – Sarah J. Thompson
  • “In the warmth, we find delight, Christmas in July, a joyful sight.” – Oliver L. Williams
  • “Under the summer stars aglow, Christmas in July, we joyfully bestow.” – Mia S. Parker
  • “Frosty ice cream, warm holiday dreams, Christmas in July, a memory it seems.” – Alex D. Turner
  • “A splash of cheer in the summer’s blaze, Christmas in July, the merriest craze.” – Lily C. Johnson
  • “Santa’s sleigh flies ‘cross the moon, Christmas in July, a festive boon.” – Evelyn R. Bennett
  • “No snowflakes fall, yet love we send, Christmas in July, an eternal trend.” – Emma K. Brooks
  • “With sun-kissed faces, hearts full of glee, Christmas in July, a jolly sight to see.” – Lucas M. Garcia

Remember to spread the happiness of Christmas in July with these unique phrases and celebrate the magic of the holiday season, even during the summer months!

happy Christmas in July Phrases
kids christmas in july phrases

Top Christmas in July Slogans

Looking to add some festive flair to your summer celebrations?

Get ready to jingle all the way with these 10 top Christmas in July slogans from various sources.

Spread the holiday cheer and bring the magic of Christmas to your July festivities with these merry and catchy sayings!

  • “Sleighing summer with Christmas glee!” – Unknown
  • “July joy, Santa’s ploy!” – Unknown
  • “Tropical Christmas, sun-kissed wishes!” – Unknown
  • “In July we unite, Christmas spirit shining bright!” – Unknown
  • “Hot cocoa, warm hearts, and Christmas restarts!” – Unknown
  • “Heatwaves won’t stop the cheer, Christmas magic is always near!” – Unknown
  • “Sand angels and merry jingles, Christmas in July brings joy that tingles!” – Unknown
  • “Sandy toes, caroling woes, Christmas in July, love it like nobody knows!” – Unknown
  • “Summer’s gift, a yuletide lift!” – Unknown
  • “Snow or sand, together we stand, Christmas in July, a wonderland!” – Unknown
happy Christmas in July Slogans
happy christmas in july wishes for kids

Kids Quotes About Christmas in July

These charming kids’ quotes for Christmas in July will surely bring a burst of happiness and excitement to the celebrations.

Share them with the little ones and let the holiday spirit shine throughout the summer!

  • “Santa’s summer sleigh brings gifts galore, Christmas in July, we adore!” – Unknown
  • “Snowflakes or sun rays, Christmas joy never delays!” – Unknown
  • “In July’s warmth, Santa spreads smiles, making memories that last miles!” – Unknown
  • “July’s heat won’t melt our cheer, Christmas magic is always here!” – Unknown
  • “Tropical lights twinkle bright, Christmas in July, pure delight!” – Unknown
  • “In swimsuits we play, Christmas in July, hooray!” – Unknown
  • “Gifts wrapped in sand, Christmas joy fills the land!” – Unknown
  • “July skies painted with glee, Christmas magic sets us free!” – Unknown
  • “Warm hugs and laughter, Christmas in July, happily ever after!” – Unknown
  • “Santa’s surfboard glides with ease, Christmas joy brings endless breeze!” – Unknown
Kids Quotes About Christmas in July
Kids Quotes on Christmas in July

Happy Christmas in July Wishes

Now it is time for our happy Christmas in July messages for kids.

Enjoy spreading the love and excitement of this festive occasion to make it an unforgettable mid-year holiday experience!

  • “Wishing you a Christmas in July that sparkles with love, laughter, and the warmth of the season!” – Unknown
  • “May your Christmas in July be as bright and delightful as a star atop a festive tree!” – Unknown
  • “Sending you yuletide greetings and good cheer as you celebrate Christmas in July, dear!” – Unknown
  • “Warmest wishes for a mid-year Christmas filled with magical moments and cherished memories!” – Unknown
  • “Here’s to a summer holiday season adorned with the spirit of giving, joy, and happiness!” – Unknown
  • “Wishing you a sun-kissed Christmas in July, where happiness and merriment shine bright!” – Unknown
  • “May your Christmas in July be wrapped in joy and tied with love, just like the most beautiful presents!” – Unknown
  • “In this mid-year celebration, may you find peace, love, and blessings aplenty!” – Unknown
  • “May the joy of Christmas in July fill your heart with warmth and your days with endless smiles!” – Unknown
  • “Warm summer days and Christmas lights aglow, may your July be full of happiness and love to show!” – Unknown
Happy Christmas in July Wishes
Christmas in July quotes and sayings

Christmas in July Captions

Get ready to add some festive flair to your mid-year celebrations with these 10 delightful Christmas in July captions!

From spreading holiday cheer to embracing the magic of summer, these short captions will perfectly complement your pictures and posts during this merry occasion.

  • “Santa’s summer surprise – ho, ho, ho in July!” – Unknown
  • “Sandy toes and Santa hats – a unique Christmas combo!” – Unknown
  • “Jingle bells in July, a summer joy we can’t deny!” – Unknown
  • “Sunshine, smiles, and Santa Claus, it’s Christmas without a pause!” – Unknown
  • “Christmas in July, where the sun and snow unite!” – Unknown
  • “July brings Santa’s sleigh, oh what a jolly day!” – Unknown
  • “Beach vibes and Christmas tides – the best of both worlds!” – Unknown
  • “Warm hearts and holiday delights, Christmas magic in summer’s light!” – Unknown
  • “No snowflakes? No problem! We’ve got our own Christmas glow!” – Unknown
  • “From summer days to Christmas plays, joy never ends in July!” – Unknown
Christmas in July Captions
Christmas in July Captions for kids

Fun Christmas in July Puns

Last but not least are our fun and pun-tastic Christmas in July sayings for kids!

From tropical treats to sunny delights, these original quotes will add extra cheer to your holiday festivities.

  • “Santa’s feeling hot, but his spirit’s not! Christmas in July, we’ve got it down to a Tropic-Santa!” – Unknown
  • “Seas the day, it’s a summery sleigh! Christmas in July, we’re making waves of joy!” – Unknown
  • “Santa’s elves trade snow for sand, Christmas in July, sun-kissed and grand!” – Unknown
  • “Sandy paws, it’s Santa Claus! Christmas in July, beach fun’s the cause!” – Unknown
  • “Chilling by the pool, Santa’s way too cool! Christmas in July, a splash of yule!” – Unknown
  • “Jingle shells, we hear the bells! Christmas in July, a coastal Christmas sells!” – Unknown
  • “Melting snow, yet hearts all aglow! Christmas in July, love’s the reason, you know!” – Unknown
  • “Santa’s hat, in the sun it sat! Christmas in July, where flip-flops meet a top-hat!” – Unknown
  • “Ho ho hot, but we like it a lot! Christmas in July, we’ve got Santa’s potluck!” – Unknown
  • “Sunscreen and cheer, Christmas in July is here! Rejoice with laughter, no cold to fear!” – Unknown
Fun Christmas in July Puns
Christmas in July Puns for kids

Please be aware that all Christmas in July quotations without an author are from an unknown source.

All visual learners can check out our Christmas in July sayings video here.

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