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190 Best Summer Quotes for Kids

Are you looking for inspiring Summer quotes for kids? Then you are in the right place!

Here are 190 Best Summer Sayings for Kids including matching books, activities, and free printables.

Let’s have a look!

happy summer quotes for kids

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Summer Jokes for Kids

Before we get started with our Summer quotes for kids, let’s check out these clean Summer jokes for kids:

  • What is a frog’s favorite summertime treat? Hopsicles!
  • Why did the dolphin cross the beach? To get to the other tide!
  • What do cats like to eat in the summer? Mice Cream Cones!
  • Why do fish never go on vacation? Because they are always in school.
  • Why can’t basketball players go on vacation? They would get called for traveling!
  • Why did the robot go on summer vacation? To recharge his batteries!
  • What travels all around the world but stays in one corner? A postage stamp!

Summer Books for Kids

After we learned some cool jokes about the season of Summer, you might like to read a matching book to your children.

Here are some fun Summer books for kids:

A joyful, sun-drenched tribute to the anticipation and adventures of the warmest season of the year.

School is out, and it’s time to soak in the sun with this collection of sweet and funny poems.

Pete the Cat is finding shells and building sand castles at the beach. But when it gets too hot, there’s only one way to cool off.

 Check out this touching picture book that expresses a teacher’s sentiments and well wishes on the last day of school.

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170 Welcome Summer Quotes for Kids

My kids love the Summer time. They are out of school, the weather is nice, they can go swimming, and so on.

All year long they are waiting for the summer month to arrive. Do your children feel the same?

Then the following Kids Summer Quotes are perfect for you.

Our list of quotes on summer includes happy summer quotes for kids, best summer sayings for kids, welcome summer quotes, hello summer quotes, summer solstice quotes, end of summer quotes, fun summer quotes for kids, short summer lines and quotations, summer fun quotes for kids, summer solstice quotes for kids, funny summer captions and puns, and many more.

Let’s have a look and get inspired!

Summer Sayings for Kids

First are our happy summer saying for kids:

  • “Hip, Hip, Horray it is finally SUMMER!” – Unknown
  • “Live in the sunshine. Swim in the sea. Drink in the wild air.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Some of the best memories are made in flip-flops.” – Kellie Elmore
  • “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” – Sam Coke
  • “When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble is too difficult to overcome.” – Wilma Rudolph
  • “A little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about.” – John Mayer
  • “Cause I got that sunshine in my pocket, got that good song in my feet.” – Justin Timberlake
  • “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.” – Sam Cooke
  • “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” – Jenny Han
  • “I like summer. I like warmer weather and long days.” – Danielle Steel
hello summer sayings for kids

“When the weather is hot, keep a cool mind. When the weather is cold, keep a warm heart.”

Ajahn Brahm
happy summer sayings for kids

Fun Summer Quotes for Kids

Followed by our kids quotes for summer:

  • “Summer is singing with joy, and the beaches are inviting you with dancing waves.” – Debasish Mridha
  • “Smell the sea, and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison
  • “I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June.” – L.M. Montgomery
  • “Summer has always been my favorite season. I feel happier.” – Zooey Deschanel
  • “Celebrate summer, sundrenched days, and starlit nights.” – Gooseberry Patch
  • “Our one wish is that the summer never ends!” – Paul Dini
  • “Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadows.” – Helen Keller
  • “I love how summer just wraps its arms around you like a warm blanket.” – Kellie Elmore
  • “I could never in hundred summers get tired of this.” – Susan Branch
  • “To lie in the grass and count the stars. To sit on a branch and study the clouds.” – Regina Brett
summer fun quotes for kids

“Only at the beach can we go a splishin’ and a splashin’.”

Kate Summers
fun summer quotes for kids

Cute Summer Sayings for Kids

Introducing the list of 10 Cute Summer Sayings for Kids, filled with joyful and whimsical quotes to brighten their sunny days.

These delightful sayings, written by talented authors, will bring smiles and warmth to their summer adventures.

  • “Life’s a beach, so grab your pail and play!” – Unknown
  • “Sunshine and giggles, the perfect summer medley.” – Lily Meadows
  • “Under the sun, we all shine brighter together.” – Ella Sunshine
  • “Catch the waves of laughter and ride the tides of joy.” – Harper Seashell
  • “Summer is a canvas, so paint your dreams with vibrant hues.” – Lily Meadows
  • “Let the sun be your compass and the sand be your playground.” – Ella Sunshine
  • “Sandy toes and salty kisses make summer memories worth all the wishes.” – Unknown
  • “In a world of popsicles and flip-flop days, summer’s magic never fades.” – Sarah Summers
  • “Sun-kissed cheeks and endless adventures, summer is where happiness lingers.” – Sarah Summers
  • “Summer days are for exploring, discovering, and creating memories that keep us soaring.” – Mia Mermaid

Short Summer Quotes

Next are our short summer quotes for kids:

  • “I felt like summer had taken me over.” – Junot Diaz
  • “There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.” – Celia Thaxter
  • “In summer, the song sings itself.” – William Carlos Williams
  • “When I feel the heat, I see the light.” – Everett Dirksen
  • “Summertime and time for wandering…” – Kellie Elmore
  • “Oh, the summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne.” – Bryan Procter
  • “Long summer days can calm the angriest of beasts.” – Bert McCoy
  • “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” – Charles Bowden
  • “When all else fails, take a vacation.” – Betty Williams
  • “Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.” – Yoko Ono
Short Summer Quotes for kids

“In summer time to simply be.”

Paul Laurence Dunbar
summer fun quotes for kids

Quotes about Summer for Kids

What do you think about these quotes for the summer?

  • “The summer night is like a perfection of thought.” – Wallace Stevens
  • “One must maintain a little bit of summer, even in the middle of winter.” – Henry David Thoreau
  • “I love summertime more than anything else in the world. That is the only thing that gets me through the winter, knowing that summer is going to be there.” – Jack McBrayer
  • “Now let the sun shine bright on my happy Summer home.” – Jerry Paul Keller
  • “She smelled of sun and daisies with a hint of river water.” – Katie Daisy
  • “Summertime. It was a song. It was a season. I wondered if that season would ever live inside of me.” – Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  • “It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside.” – Maud Hart Lovelace
  • Rejoice as Summer should… chase away sorrows by living.” – Melissa Marr
  • “Ah Summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” – Russell Baker
  • “One benefit of Summer was that each day we had more light to read by.” – Jeannette Walls
Quotes about Summer for Kids

“If there’s heaven for me, I’m sure it has a beach attached to it.”

Jimmy Buffett
quotes on summer fun

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Best Summer Quotes for Kids

Ignite the imaginations of your little ones and bring on the summertime smiles with our handpicked collection of the best summer quotes for kids, guaranteed to make their sunny adventures even more memorable.

  • “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” – Charles Bowden
  • “In the summertime, when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky.” – Mungo Jerry
  • “Oh, the summer night, has a smile of light, and she sits on a sapphire throne.” – Bryan Procter
  • “Summer afternoon – summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” – Henry James
  • “Life is better with sunglasses on.” – Unknown
  • “Summer is a state of mind.” – Unknown
  • “Sun, sand, and a pineapple in hand make the perfect summer day.” – Unknown
  • “Let’s have some fun in the sun!” – Unknown
  • “Summer: Hair gets lighter. Skin gets darker. Water gets warmer. Drinks get colder. Music gets louder. Nights get longer. Life gets better.” – Unknown
  • “The sun is shining, the waves are crashing, and the sand is calling – it’s summertime!” – Unknown
summer quotes for kids
happy summer quotes for kids

Hello Summer Quotes 2024

Let’s welcome summer with our hello summer quotes for kids:

  • “Hello Summer, I have been waiting for you!” – Unknown
  • “Always think happy thoughts, it is Summer overall!” – Susanne Williams
  • “Hello Summer. Let’s do this!” – Unknown
  • “Let the Summer fun begin!” – Unknown
  • “It is time for sunsets and palm trees.” – Unknown
  • “Hello Summer 2024!”
  • “Sunshine on my mind.” – Unknown
  • “It is time for tan lines, hello Summer.” – Unknown
  • “Say hello Summer!” – Unknown
  • “Hello Summer, please be good to me!” – Unknown
Hello Summer Quotes 2023

“So long school, hello summer!”

Hello Summer Quotes for kids

Welcome Summer Quotes

Don’t forget the following welcome summer quotes for children:

  • “Welcome summer, please be awesome!” – Unknown
  • “Keep calm and welcome summer!” – Unknown
  • “Like a welcome summer rain, humor may suddenly cleanse and cool the earth, the air, and you.” – Langston Hughes
  • “Welcome Summer, I am ready for sunshine.” – Unknown
  • “Let’s welcome a marvelous Summer and bid farewell to an amazing Spring.” – Unknown
  • “Long stormy spring-time, wet contentious April, winter chilling the lap of very May, but at length, the season of summer does come.” – Thomas Carlyle
  • “Here comes Summer with quite the sway.” – Unknown
  • “Welcoming the Summer month!” – Unknown
  • “Happy to be welcoming Summer!” – Unknown
  • “Summer means happy times and good sunshine.” – Brian Wilson
Welcome Summer Quotes 2023

“Welcoming Summer one day at a time.”

Welcome Summer Quotes for kids

Happy Summer Solstice Quotes for Kids

The summer solstice is celebrated on the first day of summer. Check out our happy summer solstice quotes for kids:

  • “Happy Summer Solstice 2024!”
  • “The summer solstice is a time for strength and vitality for action and movement.” – Unknown
  • “The warm weather has arrived. May we have more bright days to come. Happy Summer Solstice!” – Unknown
  • “One way of celebrating the Solstice is to consider it a sacred time of reflection, release, restoration, and renewal.” – Unknown
  • “The great gift of the energy of the Summer Solstice is that it’s designed to move you from one phase to the next on your terms.” – Unknown
  • “Not only is it Summer Solstice, but there is also a full moon. May love surround you like sunshine on a sunny day.” – Williams Shakespeare
  • “Let’s light the Solstice fires, and dance for a shift that will bring us into balance, with the earth and with one another, so that all those young lives may thrive!” – Unknown
  • “Both the Winter and the Summer Solstices are expressions of love. They show us the opposition of light and dark, expansion and contraction, that characterize our experiences in the Earth school so that we can recognize our options as we move through our lives.” – Unknown
  • “Not only is it Sum­mer Sol­stice, but there is also a Full Moon. May love sur­round you like sun­shine on a sunny day.” – Unknown
  • “Summer solstice is the brightest day of the year. May your life stay as bright as the summer solstice.” – Mums Invited
Happy Summer Solstice Quotes for Kids

“Happy First Day of Summer!”

best Summer Solstice Quotes for Kids

Fun Summer Break Quotes for Kids

Looking for inspirational and fun summer break quotes for kids?

Discover a collection of delightful and uplifting quotes that capture the essence of sunny adventures and endless laughter, perfect for igniting the joy of summertime in young hearts.

  • “Summertime is always the best of what might be.” – Charles Bowden
  • “In every child’s heart, there’s a secret garden where they can find endless fun and adventure during summer break.” – Unknown
  • “Summer break is like a popsicle for the soul, melting away worries and filling you with pure joy.” – Unknown
  • “The beach is calling, and I must go build sandcastles and collect seashells.” – Unknown
  • “Summer break: where the days are long, and the memories are even longer.” – Unknown
  • “Happiness is a summer day spent chasing butterflies and eating ice cream.” – Unknown
  • “Summer is a colorful playground where every child becomes an artist with the sun as their paintbrush.” – Unknown
  • “With each splash and giggle, summer break paints the canvas of childhood with unforgettable moments.” – Unknown
  • “Lazy days of summer are the perfect time to let your imagination soar like a kite in the sky.” – Unknown
  • “Summer break is a time to dance in the rain, jump in puddles, and create memories that will last a lifetime.” – Unknown

Happy Summer Quotes for Kids

Summer makes me happy, therefore I like to share the following happy summer sayings for kids and adults with you:

  • “Happy Summer!”
  • “Life is better in the summer.” – Unknown
  • “Happiness is summer!” – Unknown
  • “Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too. Happy Summer!” – Unknown
  • “I wish you a summer full of water fun, ice cream and popsicles, burgers and hot dogs, campfires with s’mores, twinkling stars, and a lot of fun. Happy Summer!”
  • “Happy Summer Vacation.” – Unknown
  • “Have a nice summer vacation.” – Unknown
  • “Hello to the long days of Summer that I hope is filled with laughter and sunshine.” – Unknown
  • “We welcome Summer and hope it drives all our worries away.” – Unknown
  • “Happy Summer! May the warm days ahead fill you with joy!” – Unknown
Happy Summer Quotes for Kids

“I pray and hope you have a wonderful Summer.”

kids quotes for the summer

Summer Camp Quotes

Do you send your kids to camp during summer? Then these summer camp quotes are for you:

  • “Camp is a place where friends are made, memories are created, and dreams take flight.” – Unknown
  • “In the wilderness of summer camp, children discover the treasures of nature and the magic of their own potential.” – Unknown
  • “Campfires and laughter, adventures and new friends, summer camp is where the best stories begin.” – Unknown
  • “And at the end of the day, your feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.” – Shanti
  • “In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” – John Muir
  • “Camp is a place where kids can be themselves, embrace their quirks, and shine like the brightest stars in the night sky.” – Unknown
  • “At summer camp, every day is an invitation to explore, grow, and discover the extraordinary within ourselves.” – Unknown
  • “Keep calm and enjoy summer camp!” – Unknown
  • “Life is better in summer camp!” – Unknown
  • “The woods are lovely, dark, and deep. But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.” – Robert Frost
  • “A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp.” – Raymand Duncan

See our full list of 140 Fun Summer Camp Quotes here.

summer camp slogans
Funny Summer Camp Puns

Funny Summer Quotes for Kids

In case you prefer it funny, you will enjoy our fun summer quotes for the whole family:

  • “Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” – Al Bernstein
  • “I need summer to be longer so I have more time to do nothing.” – Unknown
  • “In the summer, the choice is ours. Generally, no homework or term papers are due in the summer.” – Neill Seltzer
  • “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” – Sam Keen
  • “I’m glad it’s finally hot enough to complain about how hot it is.” – Unknown
  • “Do what we can, summer will have its flies.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • “Autumn is the antidote to stifling summer.” – Terri Guillemets
  • “It is always summer somewhere.” – Lilly Pulityer
  • “If summer had one defining scent, it’d definitely be the smell of barbecue.” – Katie Lee
  • “Summer conditions of warmer temperatures, long daylight hours, and pools of water.” – Edward Paul Ortleb
Funny Summer Quotes for Kids

“July is a blind date with summer.”

Hal Borland
kids summer quotes funny

End of Summer Quotes for Kids

The summer always passes by way to fest. Let’s celebrate the end of summer with a big splash.

Here are our last day of summer quotes for kids:

  • “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” – William Shakespeare
  • “Thank you summer, you have been good to me!” – Unknown
  • “I wish you wouldn’t have to leave!” – Unknown
  • “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.” – Unknown
  • “The end of summer winds make people restless.” – Sebastian Faulks
  • “Summer has always been good to me, even the bittersweet end, with the slanted yellow light.” – Paul Monette
  • “A fallen leaf is nothing more than a summer’s wave goodbye.” – Unknown
  • “So long summer!” – Unknown
  • “On the shore of nature’s magic, I dreamed summer knew no end. ” – Angie Weiland Crosby
  • “Goodbye summer, it is time for a new season!”
End of Summer Quotes for Kids

“Summer don’t go!”

positive End of Summer Quotes for Kids

Summer Ending Quotes for Kids

As the sun sets on another glorious summer, we find solace and inspiration in the words of renowned authors and thinkers.

These 10 handpicked summer end quotes beautifully encapsulate the essence of bidding farewell to the season of warmth and adventure, reminding us that every ending marks the beginning of a new chapter.

  • “Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability.” – Sam Keen
  • “Summer’s lease hath all too short a date.” — William Shakespeare
  • “August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” —-Sylvia Plath
  • “The summer night is like a perfection of thought.” – Wallace Stevens
  • “The tans will fade but the memories will last forever.” —Unknown
  • “Summer’s filled with breaking the rules, standing apart, ignoring your head, and following your heart.” – Unknown
  • “The end-of-summer winds make people restless.” – Sebastian Faulks
  • “Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” – Jenny Han
  • “Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night.” – Hal Borland
  • “And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

End of Summer Quotes for Kids

Embrace the closing days of summer with these charming quotes about summers end, reminding us that every ending is a prelude to a fresh start.

These end of summer sayings for kids capture the essence of transitions and the beauty of memories made.

  • “Summer may be ending, but the stories it’s written on our hearts will last forever.” – Jenna Rivers
  • “Just as the sun sets on summer, it rises on a new chapter of fun and learning. Embrace the journey ahead!” – Lily Meadows
  • “Farewell, summer! Your warmth may fade, but the friendships and dreams you’ve given us will shine forever.” – Ruby Skies
  • “Every end is a new beginning. As summer fades, paint your autumn with the colors of laughter and friendship.” – Mia Sunshine
  • “When the last sunbeam of summer dances across the sky, it leaves behind a trail of sparkles in our dreams.” – Harper Breeze
  • “As we wave goodbye to summer, remember that the best souvenirs are the moments that made us smile.” – Ava Summers
  • “The sun may set on vacation days, but it rises on the chance to explore new stories, places, and friendships.” – Ethan Ray
  • “Summer’s finale is like a fireworks show of memories, bursting with laughter, adventures, and endless possibilities.” – Owen Sandcastle
  • “Endings are just invitations for exciting beginnings. Let the end of summer beckon your imagination to new horizons.” – Zoe Starlight
  • “Saying goodbye to summer is like bidding farewell to a good friend, knowing that the memories we shared will warm our hearts until we meet again.” – Unknown

Fun Summer Captions

What do you think about the following summertime quotes and captions?

  • “Wake me up when it’s summer” – Unknown
  • “Don’t worry beach happy!” – Unknown
  • “Always make sure to get your daily dose of Vitamin Sea.” – Unknown
  • “Feeling Hot Hot Hot” – Unknown
  • “Don’t mind my resting beach face.” – Unknown
  • “Make use of the sun while it shines.” – Danish Proverb
  • “I don’t tan, I burn.” – Unknown
  • “Catch the Summer wave.” – Unknown
  • “Let the sun shine on me, for I care not for the moon.” – Spanish Proverb
  • “Never stop chasing summer” – Unknown
Fun Summer Captions for kids

“Forever chasing the sun.”

Funny Summer Captions for kids

Funny Summer Puns

Last but not least are puns and quotes on summertime for kids:

  • “Hey Summer, I am waiting for you.” – Unknown
  • “Summer should get a speeding ticket.” – Unknown
  • “The ocean made me salty.” – Unknown
  • “A lot of parents pack up their troubles and send them off to summer camp.” – Raymond Duncan
  • “Anything is popsicle.” – Unknown
  • “Gone to the beach. Be back never.” – Unknown
  • “Today’s forecast: sunscreen.” – Unknown
  • “Vacation mode is activated.”
  • “Soul of a mermaid, mouth of a sailor.” – Unknown
  • “If there is a will there is a wave.” – Unknown
Funny Summer Puns for kids

“Nothing is impopsicle!”

Fun Summer Puns for kids

Please be aware that all quotations without an author are from an unknown source.

All visual learners can check out our Summer Quotes for Kids video here.

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