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30 Fun Friendsgiving Game Ideas

Here are the 30 Best Friendsgiving Game Ideas for all ages.

Our list includes fun activities for your Friendsgiving event at home or at your school.

They are easy to set up and the whole family can enjoy them!

Let’s dive right in and get inspired.

fun friendsgiving game ideas

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Before we start with our Friendsgiving games and activities for families and kids, let’s find out first what Friendsgiving is all about:

What Is a Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving celebration with friends as opposed to with your family.

Where Did Friendsgiving Come From?

There is no official origin story for Friendsgiving. Some might say a hit TV show came up with the celebration, but there are a few other, more official theories about who (or what) started the feasting frenzy:

  • Friends

In November 1994 the first Thanksgiving episode of the tv show “friends” aired.

Even though the word “Friendsgiving” is never mentioned in Monica’s apartment, the concept can be dated back to it.

  • Twitter

According to Merriam-Webster, the first time written word “Friendsgiving” was found in 2007 on Twitter.

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream

In 2011 Bailey’s Irish Cream promoted its ad campaign, “Friendsgiving with Baileys”.

These and more facts about the history of Friendsgiving can be found here.

What Do You Do at Friendsgiving?

A lot of times Friendsgiving is hosted as a pot-luck-dinner. Everyone is bringing their favorite dish to have a big feast together.

Mostly the host will set up a nicely decorated dinner table for everyone to enjoy the food in a nice environment with good company.

Depending on the menu there will be turkey with plenty of turkeys, side dishes, and pie just like at Thanksgiving dinner.

Besides having dinner and good conversations some people might watch football together or prepare Thanksgiving activities for everyone to enjoy and maybe even win small prizes.

In case you are thinking about hosting your own Friendsgiving, you might like these fun Friendsgiving activities:

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Fun Friendsgiving Game Ideas

Do you plan on hosting your own Friendsgiving event at home or at your school? Then you will love the following game ideas for Friendsgiving.

They are great for any Friendsgiving get-together or can be even used for your regular Thanksgiving party or gathering.

Also, don’t forget to check out our Friendsgiving decoration and prize ideas at the end, to round up your event.

Let’s get started!

Friendsgiving Games for Kids

I like to share the following Friendsgiving games for children with you.

But don’t be surprised some of these work just as well for grown-ups.

Kids Friendsgiving Game Ideas

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Family Friendsgiving Game Ideas

There are so many fun activities your family can do at Thanksgiving. We love playing games at our parties and winning prizes.

Friendsgiving Family Game Ideas

These Fall Festival Games, Fall Bingo, Explore Changing Leaves, or Fall Sensory Activities.

More Friendsgiving Ideas

Here you will find free Friendsgiving printables and food ideas to round up your family event!

Friendsgiving Craft Table

As promised above here are some more Friendsgiving craft activities for your gathering:

If these weren’t enough Friendsgiving activity ideas for you, go check out our amazing Thanksgiving Activities next.

Friendsgiving Books for Kids

Did you consider a book corner for your Friendsgiving? Choose a quiet place at your location. Place some pillows and blankets on the floor and at some fun books.

It gives children the chance to calm down and entertain themselves while the adults can prepare food or enjoy good conversations.

Here are some great book recommendations for your Friendsgiving book corner:

A cozy autumn picture book, featuring a sweet and universal take on Thanksgiving, the perfect treat for fall and Friendsgiving. 

Dynomike is depressed because he won’t be celebrating with a big Thanksgiving feast this year. Just when he thinks his celebration is ruined, Dynomike gets something to really be thankful for.

Taylor the Thankful Turkey is an easy-to-read children’s story about giving thanks and being grateful.

A funny book about Taylor the turkey who has a lot of gas.

Friendsgiving Decorations

Time to decorate your house for Friendsgiving.

Here are some adorable Friendsgiving decorating ideas for your location:

Did you enjoy our Friendsgiving party ideas? Here are more easy Friendsgiving party games for you to get inspired!

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