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125 Spooky Halloween Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Are you looking for the right wording for your Halloween Party? Then you are in the right place!

Here are 125 Clever Halloween Party Invitation Wordings, DIY invitations, and party activities.

Let’s have a look!

Halloween invitation wording

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Spooky Halloween Party Invitation Wording Ideas and Activities

Before we start with our frightful Halloween party descriptions, let’s check out some fun Halloween facts and books you can read to your kids while crafting.

I also can find matching DIY cards and Halloween activities after our Halloween party words.

Don’t forget to check them out at the end of our post!

What Is Halloween All About?

Halloween is celebrated each year the night before All Saints on October 31st.

The ancient Celtic festival of Samhain built the foundation of Halloween when people wore costumes to scare off ghosts and light bonfires.

As the celebration evolved, by the 1920s and 1930s, Halloween turned to be a secular but more community-centered holiday.

It became a tradition to go trick or treat, watch Halloween movies, go to Halloween parties, and visit haunted houses or Halloween parades.

And with all these new activities and traditions over time, it became an event to enjoy for the whole family.

Those and more facts about Halloween can be found here.

7. Fun Halloween Facts for Kids

Halloween is the spookiest event of the year but where does it come from and what else is there to know about Halloween?

Here are 7 Fun Halloween Facts for Kids:

  1. Halloween is always celebrated on October 31st.
  2. Halloween originated from Samhain.
  3. It used to be called All Hallows’ Eve.
  4. The 1st Jack O’Lanterns were made out of turnips.
  5. The name “Jack O’Lantern” comes from Ireland!
  6. The colors orange and black are symbolizing Halloween.
  7. Stephen Clarke holds the world record for the fastest time carving a pumpkin.

As we learned Halloween is celebrated on October 31st., the night before All Saints Day. It originated from Samhain and used to be called All Hollows’ Eve.

It was celebrated with bonfires to scare off ghosts.

In the early 19th hundreds, it turned into a family and community-centered celebration with costumes and trick-or-treat events and get-togethers.

Did you know that the first Jack O’Lantern was made out of turnips?

They were and still are meant to ward off unwanted visitors, ghosts, witches, and monsters. The name Jack O’Lantern comes from Ireland!

Orange and black are symbolizing Halloween. Sometimes you see green and purple as well.

The world record for the fastest time to carve a pumpkin was 16 seconds and is held by Stephen Clarke.

That’s fast, isn’t it? How long do you need to carve a pumpkin?

Go and check out those and more fun facts about Halloween here in the link.

Halloween Books for Kids

My children love to hear a story while crafting.

While writing wordings for your Halloween party, your kids can have a look at the following Halloween books:

Beep! Beep! It’s Halloween! Little Blue Truck is picking up his animal friends for a costume party.

A little bat uses brains over brawn in this not-so-scary Halloween picture book.

A fun, rhyming read-aloud Halloween picture book that starts a new holiday tradition.

Guessing Activity Book for Toddlers and Kids Ages 2-5, Preschool and Kindergarten

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Best Halloween Invitation Wording for Kids

Time to get ready for Halloween. Why not even host your own Halloween party and make spooky memories with family and friends?

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be too expensive.

You can make your own decorations, and invitations, prepare fun games to play, and crafts to enjoy.

Letting your guests know with handmade invitations and the frightening Halloween party words is a fantastic way to spread the word.

Here are some great Halloween party sayings for your invitations.

Our list includes Halloween party invitation words for kids and adults, spooky and funny invitation words for Halloween, and event Halloween invite words.

But before we get started with our ideas for Halloween invitations let’s define first how to write Halloween invitations and which details can’t be missed.

How to Write a Halloween Invitation

Halloween invitations are not different than any other party invitations and should fill in your guest with all the needed details.

Keep your information straightforward and do not confuse your guests!

Your Halloween party invitation sayings should include these three parts: a catchy introduction phrase, all informative details, and the RSVP information.

If you make sure the following Halloween party invitation parts are included you are good to go:

  • Catchy Halloween Invitation Phrase
  • Details
    – Date
    – Time
    – Location
    – What to expect
    – What to provide
  • RSVP

Clever Halloween Party Invitation Wordings

Time to start off with our Halloween invitation words for every occasion:

Halloween Party Invitation Words for Kids

First, let’s have a look at our kid’s Halloween invitation words:

  • “Peek a Boo!”
  • “Come have some fun at our “Monster Mash” Halloween bash.”
  • “It’s time to get spooky!”
  • “A haunting we will go!”
  • “There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow in the moonlight.”
  • “Attention Boys and Ghouls
    You are Invited to Our
    Spooktacular Halloween Party.”
  • “The witches and goblins are near!”
  • Come have some fun at our “Monster Mash” Halloween bash. …
  • “It’s such a scary world these days, so let’s have a party!
  • “Join us For a Halloween Celebration With The … Family”
halloween party invitation wording

Kids Halloween Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Planning a kids’ Halloween party and need creative invitation wording? Look no further!

Here are ten spooktacular Halloween party invitation wording ideas for children, featuring a mix of original phrases and popular references.

  • “Calling all little monsters and witches! Get ready for a magical night of fun and frights at our Halloween bash!”
  • “Hocus Pocus, it’s time to gather! Join us for a bewitching evening filled with treats and tricks!”
  • “Join the haunted adventure with ghouls and ghosts, as we celebrate Halloween with a costume contest, games, and spooky snacks!”
  • “Put on your scariest costume and hop on your broomstick, because we’re brewing up a cauldron of fun! Don’t miss our Halloween extravaganza!”
  • “Creep on over to our haunted house for a night of eerie enchantment. With costume contests, ghostly games, and more, it’s a Halloween party to die for!”
  • “Double, double, toil, and trouble! Witches and wizards, brew up some excitement at our Halloween gathering. Dress in your magical best!”
  • “Get ready for a spooktacular adventure in a land of monsters and mayhem! Join us for a night filled with goblins, goodies, and ghoulish games!”
  • “Calling all superheroes and villains! Unleash your inner powers and embark on a Halloween mission filled with games, treats, and heroic deeds!”
  • “The graveyard is crawling with excitement, and the pumpkins are glowing with delight. Join us for a spine-tingling evening of Halloween fun and scares!”
  • “Beware the full moon’s glow, for it’s time for our annual Halloween spookfest! Join us for a night of haunted fun, featuring a costume parade and eerie entertainment!”

Halloween Party Invitation Words for Adults

Now here are the adult version of our Halloween party invitation wordings:

  • “I think it’s about time we have our annual Halloween party!”
  • Ghosts and Witches and Creatures of Fright…
    We’ve got the Booze…
    You Bring the Boo’s…
    Join us for a Dreadful Evening…”
  • “Come have some fun at our “Monster Mash” Halloween bash. We’ll be serving up spooks and snacks all night long. The fun starts at xx p.m. and lasts long past the witching hour.
    Don’t miss the call for Halloween Night
    Come one, Come All in the Threads of the Season
    If you Miss This Bash, Tis an Act of Treason.”
  • “Whether you dress as Garfield, Odie, or Pookie, I hope your Halloween is spectacular and spooky and you will join us for our Halloween party!”
  • “It’s time to get spooky!
    Eat Drink & Be Scary
    Join us For a
    Halloween Party!”
  • “Ready to scare up some fun? Let’s celebrate All Hallows Eve and raise a glass at our spooky-licious cocktail party! Dress up as a black cat or other creature of the night!”
  • “Join us for a night of spooky revelry and spine-tingling fun as we celebrate Halloween in style!”
  • “Don your most bewitching attire and raise a toast to a wickedly good time at our Halloween soirée!”
  • “Calling all creatures of the night! You’re invited to an adults-only Halloween bash that’s sure to be a scream!”
  • “Get ready for a macabre masquerade as we gather for a night of eerie enchantment and devilish delights!”

“Join us For Some Haunting Spirits and Wicked Brews.”

Halloween wording for invite

Halloween Invitation Wording

Get ready for a hauntingly good time!

We’ve conjured up ten unique Halloween invitation wordings, combining inspiration to ensure your spooky soirée is unforgettable.

  • “By the light of the moon, and the glow of the jack-o’-lantern’s grin, join us for a night of eerie enchantment as we celebrate Halloween.”
  • “Bats in the belfry, spiders in the lair, we’re throwing a party, and you’re invited if you dare!”
  • “Witches’ brew and potions galore, our Halloween bash is going to be more thrilling than ever before!”
  • “Come one, come all, to a Halloween night, where ghouls and goblins gather under the pale moonlight.”
  • “Tricks and treats, candy and cider, join us for a spooktacular Halloween ride, the scarier, the wider!”
  • “In the spirit of Halloween, let’s gather for some frightful fun; costumes are a must, so come as someone you’ve never become!”
  • “It’s time to unleash the spirits and don your best attire, for our Halloween party is sure to set your soul on fire!”
  • “Monsters and mummies, ghosts and ghouls, come to our party and forget all your rules!”
  • “A Halloween soiree, a night to remember, join us for the thrill and the chills of October’s darkest ember.”
  • “Spells and incantations, under the haunted moon’s glow, join us for a Halloween bash where the supernatural flow.”

Spooky Invitation Wordings for Halloween Parties

Time to get frightened with these spooky Halloween party invitation word ideas:

  • “Come celebrate the spookiest holiday of the year with us!”
  • “A haunting we will go!
    Join us for a
    Dreadful Evening”
  • “It Might be Scary…
    It Might be a Fright…
    But It’s Sure to be Fun
    On Halloween Night!
    Join Us For a Halloween Party.”
  • “Join us for a spooktacular Halloween party.
    You’re invited to a
    frightfully fun
  • We’re Calling All Goblins, Ghosts and Creatures of the Night!
    So Creep, Float, or Crawl on Over
    To Our Halloween Costume Party.”
  • “Looking for a harrowing fright?
    Please Join Us for an Evening
    That will make your skin crawl!”
  • “Dust off your broomsticks and sharpen your fangs because it’s time for a grown-up Halloween gathering you won’t want to miss!” -Unknown
  • “Enter if you dare, into the realm of the unknown, where shadows dance and spirits roam. Join us for a spine-chilling night of frights and delights at our Halloween Haunt!” – Unknown
  • “The moon is full, the witching hour nears, and eerie whispers fill the air. You’re cordially invited to a night of supernatural scares and ghostly affairs. Will you survive the horrors that await at our Halloween Specter’s Soirée?” – Unknown
  • “By the light of the harvest moon, we beckon you to a gathering of the ghoulish and the eerie. Join us as we summon the spirits and embark on a night of otherworldly enchantment at our Haunted Halloween Gathering.” – Unknown

“Ready to scare up some fun?”

wordings for Halloween party invitations

Funny Invitation Wordings for Halloween Parties

Do you prefer to laugh? Then you will like these funny Halloween invite captions:

  • “What are you doing Thursday,
    I just have to ask?
    How about Drinking, Dancing
    And Wearing a Mask…
    Come on Over for The Harrowing Fright
    The … are Brewing for
    a Halloween Night”
  • “Fly Over on a Broom or Float like a Ghost
    Just don’t be tardy to Our Halloween Party”
  • “Join us for a night of frightfully funny antics! You know, like dancing like zombies and eating candy meant for kids.”
  • “Prepare your best witch cackle and ghostly groans, it’s time for a spooktacular soirée!”
  • “We’re summoning you to our Halloween shindig because we heard you’re great at ‘boos-ing’ the spirits!”
  • “Beware: Our Halloween party may cause excessive laughter and pumpkin-spiced shenanigans!”
  • “Time to get batty! Come to our party and help us put the ‘boo’ in ‘booze’!”
  • “If you don’t attend, we’ll haunt you with dad jokes until you scream… and then we’ll invite you again!”
  • “We’re hosting a Halloween party so awesome, even the ghosts will be dying to attend!”
  • “It’s a graveyard smash, and we’re digging up the best time ever at our Halloween bash!”
  • “Don’t be a scaredy-cat; come to our Halloween party! We promise not to turn you into a pumpkin after midnight.”

Something is Brewing at Our House!


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Halloween Costume Party Invitation Words

This year you are hosting a costume party. The following costume party wordings for Halloween are perfect for you!

  • A haunting we will go! You’re invited to a costume party at xx p.m. on October 31st at our house.
  • “Grab your little goblins, ghouls, and jack-o-lanterns — it’s time for a Halloween costume party!”
  • Party time! Join us for a spooky Halloween party and dress up in your scariest Halloween costume.
  • “Join us for a Halloween Scare… Costume Party”
  • “Dress up in your scariest Halloween costume and come party with your friends.”
  • “You’re Invited to a
    Couples Costume Party!”
  • “We are excited to have you at our Halloween Party. Come dressed in your favorite costume.”
  • “Come dressed as your favorite horror movie character, or just come dressed – we won’t judge!”
  • “Put on your most creative and spooktacular costume and join us for a night of Halloween fun, laughter, and haunting memories!”
  • “Get ready to trick or treat yourself to a fantastic Halloween costume party! We’ll have treats, games, and a costume contest you won’t want to miss!”

“Fright Night is almost here,
get your costumes if you fear!”


Halloween Birthday Invite Wordings

There is a birthday to celebrate on Halloween? Go check out the following Halloween birthday party wordings:

  • When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, ’tis near Halloween! Come join us at our Halloween birthday party …
  • “Ghosts and goblins and jack-o-lanterns at night; I’m sure our Halloween birthday party is the best type of fright!”
  • “Join us for a
  • “Join us for … whimsical Halloween birthday party! Ditch the frightful fare and join us in a sweet celebration with fairy face paint and magical goodies.”
  • “Join us if you dare, for a birthday scare! [Name]’s Halloween Birthday Bash is here, and it’s going to be spook-tacular!”
  • “Double the fun, it’s a birthday and Halloween all in one! [Name]’s Costume Birthday Party awaits you for a night of eerie celebration!”
  • “Witches, goblins, and ghosts, oh my! Come celebrate [Name]’s Halloween Birthday under the moonlit sky.”
  • “Creep on over to [Name]’s haunted birthday lair, where the treats are sweet and the scares are rare!”
  • “It’s a birthday that’s wickedly good, join us in the neighborhood! [Name]’s Halloween Birthday Bash is underway, so come and celebrate this special day!”
  • “Bats and cats, and witches’ hats, [Name] is turning [Age] at last! Join us for a costume party so grand, it’s a Halloween Birthday you’ll never forget!”
spooky halloween party invitation wordings

Trick or Treat Invitation Wordings

Do you plan to invite your friends to go trick or treat together? Then check out the following Halloween invitation puns:

  • Trick or treat! We’re getting the gang together for a Halloween party. We’ll start the night with drinks and snacks at our home, then hit the streets with the kids to stock up on sweets.
  • “Looking for a harrowing fright? Stop by our home this Halloween night! Join us for a haunted house crawl where we’ll hit all the spooky sites in town.”
  • “It’s time to get spooky! Come celebrate with us at a spooktacular Halloween party complete with finger foods, cocktail potions, and trick-or-treating at the end of the night.”
  • “Join us for a spooktacular evening of Trick or Treating fun! Costumes encouraged, candy guaranteed!”
  • “Calling all little ghouls and goblins! It’s time to Trick or Treat with us. Come in your scariest attire!”
  • “Get your pumpkin buckets ready because it’s Trick or Treat time! Join us for a candy-filled adventure on Halloween night.”
  • “You’re invited to a haunted house adventure! Trick or Treat your way through our neighborhood with us and collect sweet treats.”
  • “Put on your Halloween best and prepare for a candy quest! Let’s Trick or Treat together and make this Halloween unforgettable.”
  • “Join our spooky squad for a night of Trick or Treating! Scary costumes and candy cravings are a must.”
  • “Knock, knock, Trick or Treat o’clock! Come with us on a Halloween adventure and fill your bags with delicious sweets.”

“Trick or treat! … “


Clever Halloween Party Invite Wording

Looking to host a spooktacular Halloween bash? We’ve conjured up 10 clever Halloween party invitation wordings to help you set the eerie mood and entice your guests to join the fun!

  • “Get ready for a crypt-ic night of thrills and chills! Our Halloween soirée promises to be a graveyard smash!”
  • “Join us for a hauntingly good time where costumes are a must and candy corn is a plus – it’s the ultimate Halloween bash!”
  • “Witches, warlocks, and wicked fun await at our Halloween extravaganza! Come for the boos, stay for the brews.”
  • “It’s a moonlit masquerade, a Halloween escapade! Join us for an evening of disguises and surprises.”
  • “Leave your inhibitions at the door and your broomsticks in the cloakroom. Our Halloween shindig is brewing up a cauldron of fun!”
  • “Sink your fangs into a night of enchantment and eerie entertainment. Our Halloween party is where magic meets mischief!”
  • “Don’t be a scaredy-cat! Come and join the witches’ coven as we brew up some wicked memories at our Halloween gathering.”
  • “Venture into the depths of the unknown as we host a Halloween celebration that will leave you spellbound!”
  • “Prepare for a bewitching affair filled with cobwebbed corners and laughter that echoes through the night. Our Halloween soirée is brewing up something special!”
  • “Gather ’round the pumpkin patch and under the haunted moonlight. Our Halloween party promises a night of spine-tingling delight you won’t want to ghost!”

Halloween Brunch Invitation Words

Do you plan on hosting a Halloween brunch? This is an excellent idea.

Go check out our Halloween brunch invite words for your invitation:

  • “Leave the Tricks at Home and Bring Your Favorite Treat to Share
    Please Come for Halloween Brunch!”
  • It’s time for a Halloween Potluck Brunch.
    Pick your poison and bring it on over!”
  • “Join us for a spooktacular Halloween brunch filled with treats and delights that are sure to haunt your taste buds!”
  • “Witches, ghouls, and brunch foods – our Halloween brunch promises a delightful brew of flavors and fun!”
  • “Creep on over for a hauntingly good Halloween brunch that will leave you howling for more!”
  • “Eat, drink, and be scary! You’re invited to our Halloween brunch where the food is to die for.”
  • “Brunch in costume, and enjoy a boo-tiful spread at our Halloween gathering. It’s a brunch to remember!”
  • “Trick or treat yourself to a scrumptious Halloween brunch with a side of spooky surprises!”
  • “Join us for a fang-tastic Halloween brunch, where the only thing sweeter than the candy is the company!”
  • “Put on your spookiest costume and join us for a Halloween brunch that’s so good, it’s scary!”

“Please Join Us For Pumpkin Stew And Witches Brew!”


Halloween Invitation Poem

In case you prefer poems these Halloween poems for your invitations are just too adorable:

  • “It’s Halloween Time
    We’re Having a Bash
    Wear Your Best Costume
    To Our Fun Monster Mash”
  • “When witches go riding and black cats are seen
    The moon laughs and whispers ’tis Halloween!”
  • “It’s always spooky on Halloween night
    Ghosts and goblins will give you a fright
    Watch your back and do not be tardy
    For the …. Family’s Halloween Party.”
  • “By pumpkins fat and witches lean
    By coal-black cats with eyes of green
    By all the magic ever seen
    Come join us for fun this Halloween!”
  • “Beneath the moon’s eerie glow, Join us where the shadows grow. A Halloween night, so dark and grand, Come and party in our haunted land!”
  • “Witches brew and cauldrons bubble, In costumes, we’ll all be subtle. A spooky night is drawing near, Join us for Halloween, never fear!”
  • “Ghosts and goblins, come one, come all, To our Halloween party, a spooky ball. Dress in your finest, scariest attire, For a night of thrills and chills by the fire!”
  • “In the dark of night, under the moon’s gleam, Join us for a Halloween scream. Costumes and candy, tricks and treats, Our party’s the place where spooky meets!”
  • “Creepy crawlies, things that go bump, In the night, we’ll all jump. A Halloween party, filled with delight, Join us for a haunted night!”
  • “Haunted house and graveyard too, Join our party, don’t be blue. Halloween is here, a night so dear, Come celebrate with us in eerie cheer!”

“When bats and ghosts are gliding
And witches soar, on broomsticks riding
The jack-o-lantern will be grinning
Because our Halloween party is just the beginning.”


Please be aware that all Halloween party invitation wordings without an author are from an unknown source.

More Quotes

There are some other quotes I like to introduce you to for your invitation.

These Halloween invitation quotes might work as well:

Halloween Invitation Ideas

The cleverest wording for your Halloween invite doesn’t help you if you don’t have any invitation cards.

So don’t forget to make your own DIY Party Invitations.

Check out the following Halloween Party Invitations and Fun DIY Halloween Card Ideas to make with your kids at home.

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Easy Halloween Party Activities

Did you enjoy our Halloween Party Invite Wordings? Now all you have to do is plan fun activities for your party.

Here are some great Halloween party games and arts and crafts project ideas for your Halloween gathering.

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